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eGroups & Yahoo!


Alla meili, jonka sain vähän aikaa sitten eGroupsilta. Se käsittelee
Yahoo!n ja eGroupsin yhdistymistä, mutta ei sisällä juurikaan uutta.

Mitään ei menetetä ja kaikki saavat lisää, vakuuttelevat. Nimi muuttuu
muotoon "Yahoo! Groups".



Dear eGroups Moderator,

We have exciting news to share with you. We want you to be among the 
first to know that eGroups and Yahoo! Clubs will be merging. The new 
service will be called Yahoo! Groups. 

eGroups will now be called Yahoo! Groups. Don't worry, all eGroups 
email and web addresses will continue to work, all data and event 
ownership will be maintained, and your entire group membership will 
carry over. 

Everything you love about eGroups will still be around. Yahoo! Groups 
will continue to be a free service, and all the main features you use 
now will continue to be a part of the new Groups service. We'll begin
to internationalize Yahoo! Groups after we've launched the service in
the United States. In the interim, you will be able to use the 
international versions of eGroups.

Yahoo! Groups will have lots of new features and even better 
customization. Upon launch, you will be able to:

* Chat with other group members using our improved Yahoo! Chat.
* Add a splash of color to your group, or a main page photo, all 
  without knowing HTML.
* See when group members are online and communicate with group members
  in real time using Yahoo! Messenger.
* Reach a larger audience. You will have the entire Yahoo! Network at 
  your doorstep.

And much, much more to come! The best part -- you won't have to do 
anything to your group to get it converted. This will all happen 
automatically. All you have to do to access this wide array of web 
functionality is merge your current eGroups account with a Yahoo! ID. 
For a detailed FAQ on this and other merger topics, please visit:


On behalf of everyone here at Yahoo Groups, thanks for being a 
moderator on our service.


The Yahoo! Groups team