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The Droplet and The Ram 1

DIUCD010 / DIULP010 © & (p) Diu Dau Records 2012
Release date October 12th, 2012

The Droplet and The Ram 1 (orig. Pisara ja lammas 1) is the first part of a conceptual double album by the Finnish progressive rock band Absolute Zero (orig. Absoluuttinen Nollapiste). This chronologically proceeding science fiction epic takes place in the near future. A droplet of pure evil is sent onwards from Planet Benign. It sweeps across the universe towards Earth and then...

Cast: Erkki Seppänen (The Ram), Olavi Uusivirta (The Shepherd) and Paula Vesala (The Woman). Additional storytelling by Tommi Liimatta (Narrator), as well as Emilia Norppa, Lotta Savolainen and Teemu Eskelinen (Choir).

The music conjured by producer/bassist Aake Otsala, guitarist/keyboardist Aki Lääkkölä and drummer Tomi Krutsin is melodic, progressive rock with some sinister twists and it traverses the familiar landscapes of prog-rock's most memorable recordings.

The band is on tour this autumn all around Finland.
The story will continue in a year from now with the album The Droplet and The Ram 2.
In the very near future, the double-album will also be dramatised as a musical.

Absolute Zero saw daylight in 1991, in the arctic town of Rovaniemi.
The members of the band currently reside in Tampere and Helsinki.
The Droplet and The Ram 1 is the 11th full-length studio album of Absolute Zero.

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